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On this page, you can find links to available bulk order forms for Impetus Books titles. If you're ordering multiple titles, we ask that you complete the form for each. Also, you can always email us and request an invoice, or let us know if there's something else you need.

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Breaking the Hush Factor

Breaking the Hush Factor
Ten Rules for Talking with Teenagers About Sex

Written by Dr. Karen Rayne

Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation

Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation
11 Key Concepts You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

Written by Sam Killermann & Meg Bolger

A Guide to Gender

A Guide to Gender
The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

Written by Sam Killermann

We Operate in the Gift Economy

First, let us
explain why...

We exist to serve our mission above all else — above profit, above tradition, above what might be considered "sensible." And our mission is to help you do good, well.

Anything that gets in the way of that mission, even something as rudimentary as the cost of a paperback, is a barrier. We see accessibility as an integral part of global justice work, and the last thing we want is for one of our publications to be inaccessible.

With that in mind, we're all about removing barriers. With luck, our work will help folks break down barriers in the world at-large. That we can't really control. What we can control: doing everything we can to not construct any barriers to accessing our work.

& then
the How.

There are two big things we mean when we say we operate in the gift economy.

One is in regards to pricing. Instead of setting a price, and you determining if you can or want to pay that price (as in a typical capitalist market economy), we'll give away our publications as freely as possible, and allow you to determine how to reciprocate — based on ability, fairness, or gratitude. That is, you name the price.

The other is in regards to intellectual property. All of our books are either completely uncopyrighted, or contributed in some way to the creative commons (check the license of any individual book to sort out which is which). With this in mind, we're hoping that you'll put our works to work.

This project is part of hues, a global justice collective